what a week. I don't even know where to start . Everything has all happened at once & my head is spinning with emails, possibilities and new ventures.

On Saturday I attended the Clothes Show Live armed with my Press Pass & my Golden Boy Jordan McDowell. The Fashion Show was one of the best I have ever seen, models, dancers, fashion & music with the choice theme of 'A Night At The Movies' . Honestly , we were stunned at how visually stimulating the show was. I was going to do a full write up on here , but I figured id re-direct you to one I did for WhatsOnTheRunway.com - which you can see here .
I wore the Gold Ruched Grecian dress from Republic, that after a few days of deliberation on Twitterseemed to have the best fit and manage to be unlike anything else I have in my entire wardrobe. Paired with my Henry Holland for Pretty Polly suspender tights & 4 crucifix necklaces - in order to grunge the look up. I was aware that a dress like this could scream siren but I wanted to make it more Madonna than Britney and so this was the result. My trusty brogues were of corse my choice of footwear . I was thrilled to see myself staring back at my from the Pretty Polly stand !
You can see more of my photos here and a video kindly offered to you by Katt Williams here.

Next up, My blog post for Republic is now live here. I wrote about what influences me, what I like about fashion and what my style is . Which FYI is the hardest question to answer when my style is 'mine' and is not definable by any definite sub-culture or trend. Take the time to read it if you want to know a little more about me!  

Lastly , the most amazing email fell into my inbox yesterday . From Victoria White. This name sent alarm bells ringing for all kinds of reasons. I recognised that name. I read that name every month, I knew what Victoria White looked like. In a non-stalker kind of way . But i could pick her out of a line up in bin bag with a trapper hat on. She is the Editor of Company Magazine ! At first I just felt recognition but no connection. Until I read the email where she went on to tell me that I had been selected to represent Company Magazine backstage at the Brit Awards 2011 as their official Brit Girl!!I would be interviewing my idols, style icons, musical geniuses ! I just need to get something off my chest ...  

"I have won a place on the prestigious BRITs Voting Academy, will be attending The BRITs Nomination Launch on 10 January, and interview the winners backstage at the actual event. I'll also be writing an exclusive review on company.co.uk and a piece for Company's annual music issue in March 2011."

arrrggghhhh. I entered by writing a 100 word review about the last gig I went to . Babyshambles was the subject . I saw the entry as more of a personal competition. I have been trying to work on my writing skills and this seemed like a perfect opportunity . I was given a subject & a word limit. So i wrote mine in one go. Submitted it. Then read the other entries to compare my writing to others. It was a way of testing myself & pushing myself to be better. I honestly never thought I had a chance - really ( i cant tell you how many times Ive herd someone say this exact thing and thought "yeah right" ) but seriously . I'm just little me !
Have a look my mug on the Company website here. Mock my 'quote' and have a gander at my 'gig review' entry . 
Thankyou all for your support so far . I really hope I can live up to expectations !

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