A while ago I mentioned that I was styling and developing the concept for the Missguided High Summer 2011 shoot - the process involved choosing everything from the model to the location, the styling to the story, whilst trying to maintain the brand image and show the clothing in a way that the customer will appreciate . Young, fun, girly & holiday-inspired. I am really pleased with all of the choices made, how hard the team worked despite the long, hunger-inducing day ( 1x packet of McCoys, 1 x Crunchie and 1 x Latte does not a daily intake make ) , and how the final images look in MORE and LOOK magazines. Seeing your work as you flick through a magazine really makes the 4:30am wake-up call worth it.  Here's some little 'behind the scenes' photo's, just cos I'm down like that :

[Myself, our model- Verity, and our Make Up Artist - Beth Harris]

Note that i am smiling above, yes with teeth and everything - I am happy at work & i felt the need to post this photo on my blog incase anyone is in doubt as to if my teeth are green, pyramid shaped, missing or otherwise.

Oh, and check me out below protecting the model from the wind & elements. Me and my leather jacket work like a team to shield against all weather. See how she is completed protected and not at all wind-swept? Job done....

So now the adverts are out - I can exclusively share my favourite final images with you . If you have any questions about the day, the concept, the shoot - ask away & I'll reply to them all .

All clothing, shoes and accessories available to buy from Missguided.co.uk . 

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