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Wednesday night saw me running from a photoshoot to the AW2011 Harvey Nichols fashion show - walking in late and being show to my Press seat, sweat-glistening brow hung in shame I perked up just in time for the first trend that grace the shows magnificent catwalk- 'Canadian Commando' . Followed by one of my favourites, of corse 'The New Androgyny' - especially after my latest style venture into the realms of Menswear . Gorgeous McQueen leather bags, shockingly short Balenciaga mini's and my favourite Camilla Skovgaard heels.
'Apres Ski' trend was another highlight -  I remember a version of this trend from last year - scarves so big that would scare a 40-foot python and men engorged in so many layers it could be the Honey Monster hidden under there &; we would have been none the wiser ( Honey Monsters with model faces of corse ) . Then my ultimate crush - 'Fetish Dressing' came along with female models - many whom i have worked with - trust up in leather, Givenchy, maxi's, spiked detailing, Philip Lim & Karl Donoghue. The show continued with small polished trends that inspired idea's of what to expect from designers, and eventually the High Street this season. My friend left with visions of finding a navy leather shirt & me in need of a washboard stomach so that I could carry off the Amanda Wakeley cropped top and Joseph leather pants with the elegance of the model. Instead I had to settle for a goody bag (surprisingly) not full of leaflets - but actual goodies which ironically contained a Theo Fennel bracelet . Ironic due to the fact that I blogged about both Harvey Nichols and Theo Fennel in the first 3 posts of this blog. 
The show was over far too quick & soon i was stumbling back over the cobbles out of the Town Hall venue. I'd like to thank Jessica for inviting me along to witness the extraordinary talents of these designers first hand, and indulging me in my two big loves at the moment - Androgyny and anything remotely Fetish inspired.

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