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:: Pagan Tee- Urban Outfitters,  Tartan Skirt & Leather Jacket - Vintage, Rubber Boots - Office, Feather Waistcoat - Ebay ::

Saturday saw me board a train with an X Factor reject ( blonde girl from Belle Amie if anyone is interested ) and head down to London sans make-up and with some Elton John hits on my i-pod. Glamour all round.

I got there with 30 mins to spare & so ran around Forever 21 with the speed of lightening in order to pop my proverbial 'F21' cherry - panic buys ensured & then i finally met the long-suffering Amelia who practically baby-sat me for the day due to my perchant for losing/misplaced/breaking things.
I was surprised that we were on the front row - two seats down from Kelis who looked seriously tasty in Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant & her Opening Ceremony shoes. Ironically I first spotted her due to her fit tartan trousers ( Kelis & I, on the same style page since 2011 ) and pointed her out to Amelia, who informed me of the lady in the pants. What can i say - Fashion before faces?
I won't go on about the show - head over to read what the 5 LOOK blogger finalists say - instead i'll say that I spotted some great styling of Miss Selfridge & New Look, an amazing metallic dress from Warehouse & pretty much loved all of the Urban Outfitters shoes & trousers but as a whole it didn't interest me as much as the SS11 collections in terms of style. I also always imagine the look grunged down - the Warehouse dress with Dr Martins etc, and i wanted to see more leather, less flesh, more parka's boots etc . 
I was excited to see Verity, a model i often style & am shooting with this week in the show looking rather edible in leather trousers and a mini skirt/bowler hat combo. That girl is definitely one to watch. Plus Lara did an amazing job consider how much she had on her plate , that girl is a Wonder(ous) Woman. And as for me, I opted for a McQueen style tartan skirt with Urban Outfitters Pagan top, DIY studded leather jacket with feather waistcoat and S&M-lovin' rubber Office boots. 
N.B Sorry if i made  tit of myself, my head was in such a spin that i actually shook the hand & introduced myself to people I already know ! Smooth, real smooth. 

Also guys, last night Gem informed me that I have been shortlisted for the award of 'Best Established Blog' at the COSMOPOLITAN magazine awards. It would be amazing if you could support me & vote for my blog in the 'Established Blog' section which is the 2nd section here 
& Thankyou for getting me nominated, i cant put in to words how much that means to me - so Thankyou. 

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