Today people all over the world will be wishing for 2012 to be better than 2011, looking forward to the possibilities, dreams and adventures that a new year could bring. 

However I am sad to say goodbye to 2011. 
2011 was the year I got to take my Mam to her first ever fashion week- I attended two. I sat alongside Kelis at the LOOK fashion show, went to Ladies Day with Matalan , got shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award and got a new job as a Creative Executive and Stylist. 
SaraLuxe was featured in some amazing publications such as WWB, LOOK and COMPANY and I met brilliantly inspirational women such as Louise ( Editor of Cosmopolitan ) and Victoria ( Editor of COMPANY ) , the style team of MORE Magazine and met some unsung heroes such as Justine Jenkins, Fearne Cottons make up artist. 
I had some of my lowest lows but out of that I gained some amazing friends- Natalie and Gem who got me through some difficult months. I got introduced to Metalcore music and American bacon by Andy , had my first ever TV advert that I had worked on aired, my style became slighty darker and I became fiercely independent in my own flat. 
The highlight of 2011 has to be that I reported backstage at the BRIT Awards for COMPANY magazine and became their BRIT girl. I interviewed stars such as Jessie J at this, her first ever awards ceremony right at the start of her career, Tinie Tempah- the only man who can still pull off a white suit & Cee Lo Green.
Exchanged advice on gaining confidence and controlling nerves with Fearne Cotton just before she went onstage to announce who was nominated for a BRIT award, got outfit compliments from members of The Wanted & had a night of cheeky banter with Mr Celeb himself, Dean Piper.
I'll be sad to see 2011 go - your support has meant more to me than you will ever know. I am humbled & so thankful for everything I have been fortunate to experience this year.
I really love that I can share my journey of trying to make it in the fashion industry with you - it's nice to be able to share my experiences and thoughts. The unexpected comments I received on my video have given me so much confidence and been overwhelming.
 I hope you carry on reading SaraLuxe and that we can get through 2012 together- hopefully this year I will get to meet even more of you- you really do make me smile with every comment, every tweet, every time you read a post- we will all achieve our wildest dreams together. One day. 


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