I write this on my phone, sitting in a rather apt cafe called 'Luxe' in London. Last night I had an amazing night at the BRIT Awards Nomination Party & today I am hitting the markets.

Literally hours ago I learnt that I am nominated for several 'awards' at the COMPANY blog awards which seriously made my heart burst. I am so so thrilled and it really does mean the world to be nominated with bloggers I admire and regularly read.
I thought i'd just quickly tap up a post on my phone and ask you that if you do think I deserve a vote- to please vote. I'm not expecting miracles but I thought I'd bring it to your attention anyway. 
Look at me urging you to do so along with Mr Blue M&M. Sporting my 'SaraLuxe' tights that got a lot of love last night at the party and on Twitter. I'm a walking sandwich board! Vote at - http://www.company.co.uk/high-street-edit/your/style-blogger-awards-2012

- Thankyou so much if you do 

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