Leeds Festival Update #1


With further acts added to the Leeds Festival bill yesterday - headliners for the Lock Up stage and additions to the Dance Stage - I decided to update you all with my festival preparations.
New acts announced that have gotten me pretty excited are the punk/rock band 'Social Distortion' and the pioneers of ska/punk 'Less Than Jake'.   The whole punk and rock vibe of the Lock Up stage is perfect for me. I love when new acts are announced that I haven't herd of because it means that I can be a geek and read up on their history and catch up on their Discographies, Andy is pretty interested in seeing Trash Talk and Gallows which were just announced too . I love seeing a gig with someone with difficult musical taste to your own - it means you get to dip your toe into a new musical culture and sound. 

Four months until the big weekend and I have started to collect the necessities needed to make my weekend go as it should. Whilst on the hunt for the perfect tent I visited Clas Ohlson in Manchester, and found an Asaklitt 3 man tent in the clearance section for £25. Whilst attempting to practice erecting it this weekend ( well Andy did whilst I uploaded new items to eBay - check them out here ), we realised this was more like a 4 man tent... with a front and back door... and separate bedrooms. So if you are in Leeds and need to get your head down for a few hours - head on over to our Khaki mansion. 
I have also been spending too many hours on the Leeds website forum, creating a list of 'must-have' items to survive the festival and hunting on eBay using the keyword 'camping' , which seems to now have turned into a rather giddy list of things I probably don't need, but want. I'm pretty sure theLED flashlight in the shape of a piglet,the neon retractable cups and the full first aid kit in a plaid bag on wheels, seem important now but when on that long journey from the car to the campsite will be the source of some foul language.

Let me know if you have started your festival prep yet ? And if you are going Leeds !

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