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I was honored to have a double page spread in Style magazine last month - as most of the magazine coverage that I get is based around SaraLuxe and my blog it is really exhilarating to have an article focused on the career I have been working on for nearly 9 years now. Some days it feels like I am treading water and especially when you see others your age who have achieved more or who at at a higher level than you are - it can be easy to be dis-heartened. I wanted to be a Buyer for so many years and now I am a Stylist - which makes me wonder how much further I might be now if I had only realised the career choice I wanted sooner. Ironically a friend was telling me the other day who he feels at only 22 he has let the career he wants pass him by, as now he has started on the path to something else - but it is never too late to switch and do what you really want - so if this is how you feel too - then do something about it! My Mam is a dinnerlady but did a Criminal Psychology qualification at 35 - so be inspired.
Articles like this can make you stand back and see how far you have come and that it is all worth it so thankyou to the guys at Style for letting me be included in this. I wrote this answering set questions but it has been set out like an article so some of it seems random - hopefully it is still a decent read though.

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