A day in the life

 :: First images - TV Advert Filming ::
:: Second Images - eCommerce Product Shooting ::
:: Third Images - train station waiting, my bedroom wall, hat and fringe, dripping chanel, dirty mirror, second ever attempt at any nail art, outfit, Manchester code, sweeties ::

I'm not one for the regular posting of Instagram images on here - due to the fact that I figure if anyone wanted to see my daily happy snapping they  would head over to Statigram or some other Instagram viewer, plus weekly sightings of curry, shoes & hamsters can get a little repetitive - however I know you guys like to see what I get up to on photoshoots so here is a little update of my week...

I don't take my camera on photoshoots, I'm too busy & have far too much to think about without thinking about my personal shots - hense why I instagram the shit out of the day when I get a moment to stop and soak in what is happening.

Yesterday we filmed the new Missguided.co.uk TV advert, using the same models as last time who I have now really great friendships with, and a production company that is really a pleasure to work with. We had rails of studded and leather goodness , too many samples ( that's me being overly prepared ), a ridonkulous amount of hair thrashing and a tiring but incredible 13 hour day on set.

I hope you enjoy this sneaky peak of my life in the past week, the TV shoot, eCommerce shoots and titbits,  & let me know if you would like me to do a fuller post on my working life, what happened on the TV shoot or anything like that cos I know I get a lot of questions on Twitter & if that's what you lot want to see I'm more than happy to share  - I know its not everyone's cuppa so I'm trying to play fair . 

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