Palladium Boots at Parklife 2013

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Isn't it strange how the most thrown together of outfits are looked back upon with so much love - I wish it was this easy every day !
So this is my most loved outfit in a long time, the lengths, the mixed colours and textures, the free-spiritedness of this Minkpink piece - all fuse together to create my Parklife outfit. Worn on Sunday under the blazing sun as we watched bands, ate burgers so big I had to eat it in stages and laid on the grass soaking in the atmosphere. When it is this hot, it seems a shame to wedge feet into a consuming pair of wellies, so I was thrilled when Palladium sent me some of their boots - I can only describe them as a cross between a Converse and a wellington boot ( these one's were waterproof ). They were lightweight and can be rolled up or down to create different looks ( I went half up half down because my decision-making skills leave a lot to be desired ), and I love how they added a real edge to this almost whimsical floaty outfit. In the suprising British heat , I felt quite smug that my legs were not enveloped in rubber. I have since worn them with a floral dress that I have been putting off wearing due to its overwhelming femininity. Win Win. 
I took this asymmetrical top/dress/wrap of cloud-like fabric from over the top of the Spingly Spangly Minkpink dress and threw it over my tie dye one - I love taking layers off dresses and creating new pieces, it is like taking the best of your most-loved clothes and bringing them together to make the best creation. A sandwich of clothing.

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