photo image_zpst3qmkjmt.jpeg  photo image_zpswrw6lo9t.jpeg photo image_zpszges3fgv.jpeg photo image_zps4gsickmz.jpeg Backpack c/o Radley

A backpack with the perfect aesthetic is not easy to find. So finding it in the most unexpected of places makes it even more incredible. Thankfully Radley appreciate the struggle and have created this bad boy with clean lines, simple understated branding and all in the softest leather.

More photos to come when I am with the luxury of wifi and not a phone signal that only gets 3G when you stand on a window ledge. True story.


  1. nice backpack, i found a similar one but burgundy,http://goo.gl/6ti1mw it is of the burgundy leather

  2. It is just gorgeous. I love it!

  3. Radley have some amazing things in at the moment and I love this backpack on you!

    Maria xxx

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  5. Anonymous19/6/16 23:01

    I am in love with your bag!
    Kinga x


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