Skin HQ Manchester Review & Discount

A slightly different topic for today.
But first a little back story...

At 15 I was assigned the contraceptive pill Marvelon, it has been shown that this pill can help in helping with acne and skin problems. I never suffered from severe acne but would say that it was ‘bad’ enough that I wanted help, and after trying various potions and lotions and prescribed treatments – this was the next step for my Doctor. 
It did help to clear up my skin and apart from the usual hormonal breakout, and random flare ups, my skin has usually been pretty okay.

12 months ago, I made the decision to come off the contraceptive pill & since then my skin has swung from clear to really flaring up. I have tried pretty much every drug store treatment from harsh chemicals ones to natural Lush products and there seems to be no pattern or improvement.
I have had a couple of facials in my life, but apart from feeling pretty awesome and relaxing, I never saw any actual skin benefits. For me, they may be doing something, but visually I do not see much difference in my skin.

A few weeks ago I hit a particularly bad patch, I am not sure why but my skin seemed to break out in various places on my face all at once . I havnt experienced anything like this as an adult & so yeah, your confidence gets knocked. Around this time I was contacted by Skin HQ in Manchester , & asked if I wanted to try their Oxydermabrasion. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I had never even considered something like this before – if facials did not seem to have a positive impact – I did not want to shell out money on something that looked fancy and used long words for it to only have the same results. The cynical that I am had read up on a few of these kinds of treatments and figured it was all jargon to pull people in for basically a facial with tools.

With nothing to lose I went along.

The clinic was clean, modern & the staff could not have done more to make me feel welcome . It was a really personal service & not once did I feel patronised or dictated to.
Before the treatment I filled in a very comprehensive form and was then taken into the treatment room.

After the treatment

We had planned to go for food right after the treatment and being the amateur that I am , I didn’t count on the very red face I would leave the clinic with. My face looked quite sore although there was nothing even remotely painful about the treatment. All in all it was very relaxing! No make up was to be applied that evening as my new skin was exposed and so I didn’t touch my face and just went to bed.

The next day

There was not really any change in my breakouts, but my makeup glided on with such ease and despite the sun being out in fun force and me spending much of the day squinting, my make up did not settle into any fine lines and my usual frown lines were nowhere to be seen even at the end of the day. I will admit I was really pleased. 

Following days

All of my spots broke out but quickly, like really quickly, but the kind that can be taken care of easily.Then they were gone, this went on for about a week. Which I guess is a purge and to be expected. It wasn’t great, I will be honest, and eventually the fine lines started to come back although it does seem , not as severe as before.
It is now 3 weeks on and apart from a couple of hormonal break outs my skin has been clearer. Not quite 'the pill' clear but the best it has been since I came off it.
Will I go back ? Yes, I am intrigued. I want to see what happens next . I actually felt like my skin had a reaction to the treatment rather than it just being relaxing. Plus, the staff are so lovely I feel like I could ask them questions and talk to them about any concerns.

During the treatment I asked a lot of questions & explained why I had never considered anything like this before and felt comfortable enough to explain my cynicism. Below I have popped some of these questions & any others I felt relevant so you too, can make an informed decision.

If you feel you may benefit from this service or any other that they have , they have kindly offered any readers 10% off the services. All you need to do its quote Sara Luxe 001 when you book in !

Why would I have a oxydermabrasion and not just a cheaper regular facial? 

Oxydermabrasion is an advanced facial that is accessible and beneficial to all skin types. A cheaper facial may clean the skin but may also fail to treat the root cause of skin complaints.
Oxydermabrasion gives you a deep cleanse as we first carry out a nourishing double cleanse, then a restorative Diamond Microdermabrasion, removing the top layer of dead skin cells that cause blocked pores, acne and dullness.
The skin is then infused with nourishing serums using an ozone oxygen stream to drive nutrients toward the dermis, lower layer of the skin. This encourages new, fresh cells to grow upward toward the surface of the skin. Your skin is completely nourished inside and out with a fresh new glow.

I have adult acne and have tried everything- would this be too harsh for my skin? 

Our aestheticians will carry out an in depth skin consultation to determine the suitability of your skin. Adult acne is a complex condition and the Oxydermabrasion would satisfy the skin, nourishing it in preparation for self-healing or for more intensive treatments if this is required.

This is not a cheap treatment- do I have to have it done very regularly to see results?

We offer courses of treatment at a reduced price. Your skin is your largest organ and to live our best life, we need to take care of it.. This is available in clinic.

What age range would you recommend this for? 

Age 16 and over

If I get a few treatments & then stop, will any good work be erased ?

This all depends on how you treat your skin afterwards. Your Skinm HQ Aesthetician is only to happy to design a skin care routine for you. 

What can I do to get the most of out of my treatment? 

To prepare, attend your appointment wearing little to no makeup. For skin hydration and good heath, we advise drinking 2 litres of water in the days running up to the facial – every day if possible. After, we advise you to follow a cleanse, treatment, moisturise and protect routine. Regular Oxydermabrasion treatments, perhaps monthly extends your results for the long term.

What can I expect from my skin after the treatment? 

You can expect hydration, not oiliness. You can expect to have some skin pinkness from the deep cleanse, pore cleansing steam treatment and relaxing facial massage.

Do you tailor the treatment for different skin/people? Or does everyone get the same? 

Everyone is different and receives a Skin HQ tailored treatment each time, depending on your skin needs.

I was offered this treatment free of charge but always write honest reviews. I once wrote a bad review about a Hilton on here & then the PR's stoppped talking to me... Honestly is the best policy guys... 

Again, If you feel you may benefit from this service or any other that Skin HQ offer , they have kindly offered any readers 10% off the services. All you need to do its quote Sara Luxe 001 when you book in !


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