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:: Bag - Vivienne Westwood ::

Rediscovering my love for a white shirt and black blazer combo, but this time with a twist & am living for it. The fluted sleeve gives it a modern twist and the crisp white shirt gives it a formal shake up. I have toyed with the idea of adding a skinny black tie, Saint Laurent vibes styley, but one step at a time.
These glittery power boots are from Quiz, if you thought Quiz was just sequin dresses then you will be as shocked as I was to see these Balmain vibey beauties on there ! 


Specsavers - Manchester Fort

When I was a teen I always wanted glasses. The girls who wore them looked cool, mysterious and it was an accessory that I didn't need but really wanted. I would get my eyes tested and be a bit peeved that I didn't need them ( the thought of wearing just frames hadn't struck me - it was a world I did not know of ). 
Then at 16 my eye test showed that I was short sighted and I cried. I didn't actually want to need them. Oh how confused I was as a teen. Wanting what I cannot have, and then as soon as I can have it, I do not want it.
Fast forward ten (ahem.... ) years and I was invited to Specsavers at Manchester Fort for an eye test and to choose some new frames.
My old Prada specs that I chose at 16 lay dormant in a drawer as my taste levels have changed somewhat over the years and my eye care has been lax at best. However, as with most people my age I spend a hell of a lot of time staring at screens, and as my job is a Stylist - I stare at screens and people all day. Therefore I knew it was about time, I relooked at my eyecare.
I arrived at the Manchester Fort branch at 7pm ( perfect for after work visits ) and was greeted by the Store Manager. I was taken in to get a photo of my eyes which is perfectly comfortable & the opticians chatted to me throughout explaining what each piece of equipment did & what it was useful.

I was then taken in for my eye test.

You will all be familiar with the eye test - reading letters off a wall, looking at dots and saying 'better or worse' 20 times until you do not actually know if you are saying what you know to be right anymore.
I did get a little confused as sometimes they both look very similar, thankfully the optician was really understanding and laughed along with me, allowing me to take a break to rest my eyes and then continue with the test. We chatted throughout and I was made to feel really comfortable - even if I am sure I must have been driving her a little mad. 

After the test I was introduced to Adil.

Adil had already checked out my Instagram and had prepared a range of frames he thought would suit me and my style - how sweet. He showed me their New Frame Styler technology, where they take a photo of your face and you can try frames on virtually rather than having to try every pair on in the entire shop - you can swap and change in seconds, and see them from different angles on your face - great for speed but I was sure I knew what shape I wanted so was anxious to get started throwing real frames on my real face.

Adil had a manner that I cannot gush about enough. I thought I would just be told everything that I liked suited me - a quick easy sale for them.
But Adil, was honest with me, in the most polite charming way. He told me which he loved on my face, which were not as flattering, which brought out my cheekbones and which styles made a real statement. I ran with it. I tried everything on. I put that poor lad through his paces. I hope he had had a snack prior because we must have been there 45 mins. 
He knew his stuff about the brands, which suited my face shape, which colours complimented my skintone and took all of my feedback very graciously ( I am not afraid to say if I do not like something ). He made me feel good about myself in an environment where I have never felt comfortable before. I really wanted to mention him here because I hope he see's this and knows how much he made my visit. I am not a confident person when it comes to how I look always, it was 7pm on a Monday. My makeup was literally melting off my face, I was tired, I wanted to go and lay on the sofa. He made me laugh. He didn't bullshit or tell me something just to end the consultation. He seemed genuinely invested in me getting something that really suited me and made me happy. He had a really lovely way about him and I would now always go back to that branch if I want another pair. 

I eventually narrowed it down to 5 pairs and went with the pair that he said he loved the most. I trusted him. It is hard to build trust in an hour. The amount of times I have left a make up counter with a lip gloss or a primer despite not wanting it because I just felt like I couldn't say no to a store assistant, must be in double figures now. But I leave not feeling fulfilled, just a little like I buy it because I do not feel I can say no. 
But I trusted his judgement and so was 100% happy with my decision.

I went for a pair of Black Balmain frames with white marble detailing and gold rope accents. How bloody jazzy.
The branch gifted me the glasses but this opinion is my own. 
If you cannot make it into the store ( or someone you know cannot ), they offer home visits and even do ear tests (?!) which I genuinely never even considered.
You can book your eye test at Manchester Fort here. 
Thankyou so much to the whole team at Manchester Fort and to Adil.