Parklife 2012


Day #1
:: Leggings - Topshop ::
:: Oversized Shirt - CK Mens ::
:: Hat - H&M ::

Day #2
:: Shorts - Vintage Levis @ Urban Outfitters ::
:: Tie Dye Top - eBay ::
:: Checked Shirt - Primark ::
:: Leather Jacket - c/o very.co.uk ::
:: Feather Waistcoat - eBay ::

Last weekend saw me running around on Friday evening to pick up some wellies and a big waterproof. The weather was forecasted to be practically torrential rain, and despite the knowledge that many females heading to the Parklife festival would still sport the shortest of shorts and a smile, I am one of those girls whom is always cold. I didn't want spend the festival shivering & wishing the hours away, therefore fashion finished last on this occasion & I invested in a proper 'outdoor' waterproof.
Sourz had very kindly invited me & Andy to be their guests at the Parklife festival, and despite the rain on the Saturday, the sun shone amazingly on the Sunday, giving the perfect  festival experience & a great way to get in the spirit before Leeds in August !
Even though my hair was wet, and I was wearing 7 layers ( no exaggeration ) on the Saturday, I was still able to knock out some shapes in the tent nearest the Sourz stand that blasted out its fair share of Dubstep. I was pleased to meet the Stuart, the Brand Manager of Sourz, who was manning the stand with gusto. The queue for the tent was one of the longest, with Sourz giving out the most coveted items of the weekend - fluro sunglasses & straw hats ( hats handy for the rain & sunglasses perfect for those sun rays). Another reason for the queuing frenzy was the lines of 'Sourz' drinks served in shot glasses ready & waiting for the festival go-ers. I was really surprised to find out that they are not just a 'shot' company, & felt a little embarrassed that I have niched them in such a way - the drinks they were giving out were infact their new Fusionz range which is more like a sweet fruity cocktail that you would drink during a BBQ or garden party, served with ice in a tall glass - it seems my ignorance was shared with people knocking these back like shots before realising that the sharp shot taste they are used to had been replaced. I will definitely be trying these again - minus the shot glass. If you are heading to Wakestock, Stuart was pleased to say the Sourz stand would be pitching its-self up there & I would really recommend giving these a try if you are a cocktail or Pimms kinda lass.
The Sunday allowed me to show a little more flesh ( the pieces of leg you can see through the fishnets ) and leave some layers at home ( I was down to 3 ) & we could sit on the grass - watch the world go by ( possibly one of my favourite things - I am a nosey bitch ) & enjoy the acts on the Main Stage including the perfect Del La Soul & Annie Mac. I did see more bum cheeks that any naturist beach could boast, and more inches of leg than I could count - but it's a festival & that means freedom, expression & sticking to the 'Don't Worry Be Happy' mantra - so fair play to those with  the confidence to do so..... ( still couldn't help feeling smug at 12:15 on Saturday when it was pissing it down & cold, I was buried under 7 cosy layers & the girl in front of me was shivering & blue in tiny hotpants showing 3/4 of cheek & a cropped top with water dripping down her back ).
Ah well - if I had posted a video of me looking cool in shades, a cute dress whilst holding a dry white wine & keeping my 'fierce' heels from sticking in the mud it would have been a lie. So cheers to Sourz for inviting me, thanks to Morna, Stuart & Adele for ensuring I had the best weekend and for Andy & Rach for swigging beer with me & pulling me out of the mud whenever I  got stuck.

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