Leeds Festival 2012 - Friday

:: Tartan Dress - Vintage ::
:: Head Garland - c/o Rock N Rose ::
:: Boots - c/o Dr Martens ::

Yesterday was filled with street styling the hell out of the fields, running from stage to stage and fighting our way to near the front for the Headlining Foo Fighters before getting caught up in a Mosh pit and then retreating to the side before I got crushed on the floor. Please bare in mind that this was one of those whirlpool mosh pits where guys run in circles and play dodgems with one another, not the 'jump up and down and throw your hair around' type.
The Day started yesterday with some Pulled Apart by Horses followed by Band of Skulls - two fairly new(ish) bands that are getting increasingly more air time of Radio1 and hence why their following is growing by the day. The sun was out in full force, and so bodies were laid on every available inch of grass and the festival vibe was incredible - I decided to sport my new and much-loved Rock n Rose hair garland ( in black of corse ) which caused Andy to liken me to Jesus, although I can assure you that that is where the similarity ends.
We managed to catch the end of 'Eagles of Death Metal' on the mainstage whom I had never herd of before, but gave an incredible live performance and their guitar riffs could be herd from miles away under the beating heat of the afternoon sun.  The day was leading up nicely to the headliner, who was the name on everyone's lips when you asked who they were looking forward to seeing that day - Foo Fighters. David Gohl is something of a musical idol - not just due to his eccentric and slightly off the cuff personality but also due to his insane passion and dedication to music - being able to play multiple instruments, previously being the drummer in Nivana before they split after Kurt's death and now being the lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Foo's. 
We headed back to the mainstage after some Style Spotting - festival attire this year seems to be not that different from every other year - denim shorts ( very short ), vests and knee socks are the staple with a noticeable 90's grunge feel from the crowds gathered around the 'Alternative' Stage . I am afraid to say that it seems the men are stealing the style crown this year - with many opting for the simplistic but chic skinny jeans and fitted military jacket combo or skinny shorts and oversized vests. 
Back at the mainstage for the Kaiser Chiefs who played some of their more recent songs before pleasing the less die-hard fans with some of their Top10 hits such as I Predict a Riot, Oh My God & Every Day I Love You Less & Less - the perfect way to get the crowd in the mood for the evening ahead. As the sun went down and the 'Golden Hour' appeared The Black Keys took to the stage whilst the area around the main stage became swarmed with thousands of people all waiting to get their place for the final acts of the night. The crowd went back, seemingly for miles, and despite the craving of these thousands to all get a prime place to be able to see their idols clearly - there was a real feeling of unity that can only be felt at mass events such as Football games, concerts and the Olympics. 
The temperature dropped and the sky was black as, after much waiting, the Foo Fighters walked on-stage - with Dave Grohl introducing himself simply as 'Dave' before diving straight in with some of their biggest hits - Learn to Fly, Best of You, MonkeyWrench & Breakout - their set was one of the longest of the night at 2 and a half hours - so for those who stood all night to get a good place at the front - it was all well worth it.
After Dave introduced the other band members to the audience, the drummer Taylor Hawkins grabbed the mic to allow the audience to applaud Dave - in Taylor's words " The greatest musician of our time " - and with that the Foo's continued, and even as the first drops of rain filled the atomosphere - no one seemed to care because, in that moment, Leeds festival was rocking out.

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