Leeds Festival 2012 - Thursday

I am writing this from the Press tent at Leeds festival. Yesterday, Andy and I arrived to a rather pleasantly warm Leeds and whilst Andy pitched our tent in the Guest area I watched on and soaked in the atmosphere ( stood there like a useless lump). The Guest area wasn't as crowded as the usually camping sites, the security seems on top of monitoring the site and I was lucky enough to be able to enter the Arena to have a wander around before it was opened to the public. Sound and lighting checks echoed around the fields, the smell of amazing burgers and (surprisingly) quite a few carvery's wafted around the empty arena ready for the hoards of people waiting at the entrance, & many animal hats and jewellery stores were opening up in preparation. I headed straight for the Oxfam tent as I had heard so much about how this stall had been a saviour for many festival go-ers during their time at Leeds and my expectations of overpriced knits and extorunate vests were dashed as I saw £5 good quality sleeping bags, £10 vintage band tee's, £5 vests and some really cute dresses - I will be making a trip back here so expect images soon !

This morning I have awoken after a slightly disturbed sleep after managing to pitch a tent right next to Europe's Loudest Snorer ( seriously I cannot even describe the ground-shaking depth to this guys snore ) & just been to grab my breakfast in the Guest Area - where I begin my celeb spotting. We sat opposite a band called 'Crooked Tongues' who, after some research I found out are playing today at the BBC Introducing stage. They seemed like really cool boys, all skinny jeans, leather, rock hair cuts and chiseled jaws - basically a good rock band cocktail. Therefore I have spent this morning doing some researching (stalking) into their bio's, and found that they are a Rock 'n' Roll quartet hailing from Leeds & are a fusion of Rock with a hint of Britpop and some 'dirty licks and riffs'. Also 'spotted' this morning was a 'mature' male, 50+, well dressed, sunglasses, air of mystery, surrounded by security... after much Googling the closest I have got to is assuming it was a member of 'The Cure' - I hate when things like this happen. Hopefully as the weekend goes on my skills of recognition will triumph and I will be able to bring you tales of who is who, and who likes HP and Ketchup on their morning butties. 
I am off now to get into the Arena and tweet away - on today's musical menu is Pulled Apart By Horses, Band of Skulls, Bullet for My Valentine etc before ending the day with the Foo Fighters!