Dr Martens factory tour

A couple of the weeks ago I was invited to visit the Dr Martens factory. This was something that dreams are made of - a shoe factory - not just any shoes - The shoes.
Little details in the factory really reflected the individuality of the brand- the staff all wore Dr Martens - either from past seasons or testing future samples - each test is for one month , after which the staff return the sample with a review which will decide if the production of the sample goes ahead. A cool juxposition to the overall's and work gear the factory workers are wearing when you look down and see a shiny pair of studded brogues in metallic colours.
The boots start of by being hand cut from the sheets of leather, before being sewn together effortlessly by the skilled ladies on one side of the room before heading over to the other side of the room where men await the pieces of leather to mould, before adding the sole, famous yellow thread & buffing the boot so that it shines. all by hand, all individually, each boot being passed from machine to machine, person to person - each worker with a skill to ensure each product is as perfect as the next.

I honestly would recommend going on a tour there to anyone who can- and despite the fact that only 2% of Dr Martens are made in England ( and therefore are more expensive ) - it definitely has made me want to buy a pair of Made in England ones next time I shop there. I wasn't sure what to expect as Dr Martens is such a strong British brand, and I wish that all of the boots could be made this way, but due to the skills involved in making these boots - many of them are made offshore - something the brand are looking at addressing by introducing apprenticeship schemes at the factory and showing the younger generation just how it is done. The day made me feel even prouder to own a pair of Dr Martens, the history is fascinating, the workers are breathtakingly knowledgeable & the amount of care and attention that goes into one single boot or shoe shows a real sense of pride.


  1. i would loveeeee to go there! soo interesting! great photos xx

  2. Hi Sarah, what an aaamazing place, choc full of history, the tweed and squid docks are my favourites. Thanks for sharing this.I have just bought a pair of suede and leather Dr Marten vintage style boots, from ebay with tassles they are such a versatile company and deserve their huge following. xx


  3. What an exciting place! Love that all the staff wear DMs, where is the factory? I've read the post and don't think you mention? My faves are the squids and metallic brogue Docs. Just starting up a new blog if you have time for a quick look :)

    1. Hi Sophie
      The Factory is in Wollaston in Northamptonshire x

  4. Wow ... What a great tour. I'd be too busy wanting them all


  5. I think its well worth paying more for something madein the UK. Love the history of this brand.

  6. sooo cool! I love the white and squid pair <3

    XO Sahra

  7. this is super cool!!


  8. lovely
    how can i visit the factory?and where is it?
    would lov to go there

  9. Looks so cool! Would love to visit!


  10. Oh wow, what an opportunity! x

  11. amazing post, It's so interesting reading about behind the scenes. It's a shame that only 2% are made in england, although the possibility of an apprentice scheme looks a great idea. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  12. oh my gosh, you're so lucky it looks amazing! doc martens are my favourite brand ever, i love them!

  13. Gorgeous photos and how amazing to see behind-the-scenes at DM! Love their boots x


  14. WOW, I am so jealous, this looks like so much fun!

    Maria xxx

  15. Amazing Sara, this looks fascinating! I'm not surprised it's made you wanna get a pair actually manufactured in the UK, but I'd struggle to pick which! The ponyskin ones are very pretty though... ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  16. no way lovely this is awesome! is it up North? am hoping to get me a pair of matt black 101's before Crimble...

    L xx


  17. I love to explore that place and find out more info about these products.