#ManFran Virgin Atlanic Manchester to San Francisco

If you follow me at all on social media, you will already know my love for travelling around the USA. So far I have hit San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Palm Springs, Route 66, Las Vegas, Yucca Valley, Monument Valley, Newport.... get the gist ?
So it is pretty cool that Virgin Atlantic have just announced their new and direct flights to San Francisco from Manchester which will only add to my love and ease of exploring the country.

The guys at Virgin Atlantic got in touch with me to ask if I could put together an outfit that conveyed the similarities between the two cities - and as a lover of both, it was pretty easy to do. Not just because I would happily live in either but because when you break it down they are pretty bloody similar. So here we go :

Weather -
Both cities suffer from inconsistent and varied weather conditions. Just because the sun is shining at 9am, does not mean that both a snow storm & torrential rain will not follow. Therefore light layers are always required. Hello lightweight, yet cool vintage bomber jacket. Which brings me onto..

Vintage -
Shopping in both cities is a dream, from Haight & Ashbury - the birthplace of America's counter culture & the hotspot in the Summer of 1967 ( it also boasts the worlds largest tie-dye t-shirt - it is true, I have seen it ) to the Northern Quarter in Manchester   - a hotbed of thrift shops. A nod to this came in the form of these flares. After seeing various photos of George Harrison sporting flares in San Fran in the 60's & with Manchester fuelling my love of second hand shopping since I was 17 it just seemed the natural trouser option. Then the 60's baker boy followed suit. 

Music -
My favourite similarity has to be the massive music movement that has shaped both cities. Music that in itself has influenced sub-cultures and trends. We have Oasis, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Factory Records and The Smiths . Oasis were a band I wanted to pay particular homage to - so what better way that to wear a Pretty Green shirt , the label of Liam Gallagher. A signature look of the Gallagher brothers would be button up oversized shirts, bucket hats and sports jacket. True 90's icons. 
San Fran gave us The Charlatans, Counting Crows and Greenday, & is home to the famous Filllmore which helped launch the careers of The Grateful Dead & saw performances from legends such as Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground & The Doors. 

Walking -
Both cities are incredible to wander around, taking in the niche cafes, street art, parks, landmarks & quirky streets. Therefore a simple converse was a perfect finishing touch to this look.

A mix of music, the swinging 60's, the naughty 90's, weather appropriate and with an industrial edge. That is ManFran for you.