We managed to grab some cheap flights from Manchester > Hamburg on SkyScanner & so decided to explore the city known for Good food, Red Lights and The Beatles.. 

We stayed at the Superbude St Pauli which we found to be an amazing location, we walked everywhere for 2 days and then got on the tram to explore the city centre. The hotel was very clean, friendly and had food and snacks available ( great for getting in late and feeling peckish ) - they also had a live band one night but unfortunately we had a meal booked otherwise we would have stayed to watch.

Day 1

We kept to the St Pauli area and the harbour for Day 1. We like to explore cities in 1 or 2 areas per day so that we can really see what the city has to offer

- Strand Pauli & the Alter Elb Tunnel - A lovely place to wander around with a coffee & the Alter Elb Tunnel takes around 10 minutes to walk up and down. 
- Pauli Pizza - little independent pizza place where the pizzas are made fresh infront of you 
- U Boat Museum - I am so glad we did this - its is very small (obviously ) and so a quick pit stop but really interesting to get a feel of what it is like to live on a submarine. Its very very tight in there and so not for those that are clastrophobic - just a warning 
- Spielbudenplatz Square
- Reeperbahn & Beatles Platz - lots of kebab shops, red light style bars and clubs and little tourist traps
- Indra Club 64 - where the Beatles played their first gig in Hamburg
- Grilly Idol - we went for the name alone
- Nachtmarket St Pauli is a great place to grab food and drinks at night right on the Reeperbahn

For those that love Vintage, vinyl and independents - 
- Minigroove
- Hip Cats
- Musswessels
- Cruise Records
- Freiheit & Roosen
- Back Records

& for those who like a quirky bar - 
- 3 Zimmer Wohnung
- Clockers
- Tortuga Bar
- Indra Club 64

Day 2 
Speicherstadt and the city centre

- Minitur Wonderland - you can spend hours in here, and even as someone who isnt really interested in this kind of thing it was worth a couple of hours for sure ! Try to go first thing if you can otherwise you spend a lot of time waiting for people to move along so you can see the next exhibition
- Speicherstadt Neighbourhood
- Hamburg Town Hall
- Walk along Binnenalster Lake

- Nord Coast Coffee for the best breakfast we have possibly ever had - a strong statement indeed ! Wish we could go back right now. 
- Monkey Beach
- Cafe Paris
- Bootshaus - a Michelin star restaurant that gave us the best service and the most filling food - we would 100% recommend for a lovely meal in Hamburg! If like us you want Michelin star but not tiny little portions.... 

- Vintage & Rags
- Zalando Outlet - make sure to keep a decent amount of time free for this - we were in there over an hour but Charlie got some really really good deals. 
- Michelle Records

Day 3
Schanzenviertel and surrounding area 

Zoe II Sofa Bar
Buns Street Food 

We found this area the perfect place to wander, admire street art, shop independents and vintage, grab amazing food and coffee and people watch. We were so glad our hotel was here & really recommend the area to stay in. 

Food & Drink 
- Schanzenhöfe Brewery District - Local beer and food underneath twinking lights or alongside firepits
- Altes Madchen in the Brewery District has 60 craft beers if thats your thing
- Elbgold is the largest and most well known coffee house & has on site roasteries
- Herr Max for Breakfast
- Jim Burritos
- Zoe II Sofa Bar -We stopped here for a drink and I was obsessed with the decor - grab sofas scattered everywhere, OTT lamps and upholstery yet all slightly worn. It was casual & homely and the perfect place to relax with a drink and chat
- Buns Street Food - looks as good as it tastes - worth every penny
- Le Fonque - for your evenings out - plays Funk and Soul on Vinyl and is cash only

The best way to shop this area is just to wander along the streets - there are so many little cool shops and boutiques but here are some worth checking out
- Kauf Dich Glüklich Outlet - I got some Novestas for £19 and there are lots of bargains to be had - its a tiny shop hidden down an alley but you need to check it out 
- Zardoz Records
- Hanseplatte
- Humana Secondhand - I guess closer to a charity shop & very much worth a look as the prices are really good
- Vintage Revivals - higher pricepoint and flawless stock
- The Vintage Gallery - If you are a fan of the 70s style OR a vintage sportswear fan - this shop is for you. Adidas tracksuits , jackets and trainer from the 60s and 70s . Pristine. Incredible 70s Leather jackets. Piles of blue shoe boxes. You will be in heaven
- Hot Dogs - very similar to the above but more sportswear - the owner is also lovely & very welcoming